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Your IT Band and Knee Pain- are they related?

Is it hard to climb stairs? Is it difficult to enjoy your daily walk or hike? Is it hard to get up from the floor after playing with the kids/grandkids? Do you have pain after running or exercising?

Do you have knee pain but are unsure why and where it is coming from? 

You are not alone! Here at Balance Within Pt, we see many clients who are experiencing the same thing. Many of our clients visit us for solutions to their unknown knee pain. In fact, knee pain is the second most common complaint after back pain in adults of all ages.

Knee pain can develop from a number of sources. One common cause of knee pain is IT Band syndrome. What is this and how is it causing you pain?

What is your IT Band?

Your IT band also known as the iliotibial band or Maissiat’s band is a long connective tissue or fascia that runs along the outside of your leg.  It starts at the hip bone and runs down to your shinbone.  This band of tissue helps to extend and rotate your hips.  It also works to stabilize and move the side of your knee.

What is IT Band Syndrome?

When the IT band comes tight, inflamed or irritated, it can start to rub against the bone.  This is called IT Band Syndrome. It is a common injury among runners and cyclists but can also occur from repetitive use (stairs and walking) and even from sitting too long.   There is good news here, 80% of all knee pain can be corrected without the need of evasive surgery or medication.  The key is finding the root cause of the pain and addressing it.  

Common Risk Factors for IT Band Issues

Some risk factors that could lead to IT Band troubles include:

  • Weak hips
  • Sitting for a prolonged period
  • Repetitive activity – running
  • Weak knee and/or hip flexors
  • Unbalanced leg length due to pelvic torsion
  • Weak abdominal or glute muscles
  • Knee arthritis
  • Natural outward rotation of your foot
  • Walking or running on a track or bowed surface
  • Prior tightening of the IT Band

How to Ease IT Band Pain Now

  • Rest – Taking time off from activities to give your body time to recover is important.
  • Apply ice/heat – Both can ease pain.  Icing will help reduce the swelling and heat will ease stiffness.  
  • Daily stretches to loosen the band
  • Low impact activity – walking, biking, water exercises – You may not feel like moving with your knee pain but low impact activity can assist.  Activities such as walking, biking, yoga or Tai Chi can keep your joints from stiffening up and causing more pain.  Water exercises are also a great way to keep moving.  The buoyancy of the water puts less pressure on the knee and can be quite refreshing as well. 
  • Physical Therapy – more on that next

Watch this video by Dr. Sarah as she demonstrates some IT Band stretches to help ease your pain.

Physical Therapy and Your IT Band

The expert physical therapists at Balance Within have years of experience with helping clients overcome their IT Band pain.  We can assist by:

  • Providing exercises to loosen and stretch your IT Band
  • Providing exercises to strengthen your core, hips and glutes to better support your knee
  • Providing hands on fascia release
  • Working with you to adjust your training schedule to ease back into your favorite activities
  • Assisting with footwear choices – orthotic inserts etc
  • Providing tips for warming up and cooling down. 
  • Providing suggestions for equipment -foam rollers, resistance bands etc.

Physical Therapy is an excellent resource to assist with knee pain.  Your therapist should look at the overall body picture to find clues to the source or reason behind the knee pain.  Temporary or fast pain relief works well in the short term but the goal with PT is to work toward removing the immediate pain and also to prevent the pain from returning.

How to Prevent Knee Pain from IT Band issues

Looking long term to maintain your healthy knees and a healthy body, you should:

  • Utilize Physical Therapy – PT is one of the best ways to increase strength and mobility in your knees.  Our highly trained physical therapists can provide you with treatments and exercises to get you and keep you moving pain free
  • Stretch before and after exercise to warm up your muscles and the surrounding tissues – allow time to complete warm and cool down as this aids in recovery
  • Exercise –  Movement and a regular exercise schedule provides so many benefits.  Keeping your joints fluid and moving is key to prevent future problems as well.  
  • Give yourself time to recover between exercises.  Your body needs time to rest 
  • Maintain an ideal weight –  Your knees are joints that handle pressure and shock on a daily basis.  Maintaining an ideal weight will help ease the stress on those joints.  Being overweight adds to the stress on your joints and can lead to future problems.
  • Eat an anti-inflammatory diet  – This helps with maintaining weight, helps to improve recovery rate and lowers the chances of developing arthritis or osteoporosis and reduces inflammation.
  • Wear supportive shoes – orthotics – Your shoes may be the cause of your knee pain – those with pain should usually avoid flip-flops, sandals or high heels.  Custom orthotics from Foot Levelers is a great option.  They custom make inserts as well as orthotic sandals to help support your feet, legs and knees.

Knee pain is not something you need to live with.  Just because you are getting older, have arthritis or osteoporosis does not mean you have to live with knee pain.  We can help. 

Click the button below to request a free knee pain troubleshooting consultation.  Balance Within PT will meet with you to discover the root cause of your pain and develop a customized treatment plan to get you back to your fall activities and living your best life.   Click here to request a FREE session today!

Click here to request our free Ease your Knee Pain Guide –  it offers helpful tips to provide relief for your pain.


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