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The 3 Legged Stool All Runners Need

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Open roads and bright blue skies, Wisconsinites!

If you’re finding the lack of snow on the ground is like a siren song, calling you in to the great outdoors for some long runs and an infusion of vitamin d, you’re in luck with our feature this month! We know our team is ready to get back to running on their favorite trails and enjoying long hikes, so we figured we’d share a few of the tips and tricks they’ve honed in their own lives over the years as runners and PTs.

What Makes For Good Running Form?

In order to thrive while running and avoid injury, it’s important you keep your attention upon three pivotal pieces of the puzzle. Without all three, you’ll be significantly more prone to injury, and that means less time doing the thing you love to do and more time sitting on the couch…possibly the LAST thing anyone wants to do in Wisconsin once the warm weather finally arrives.

The Three Legged Stool of Safe Running

Leg 1: Strength

Without strength, you’ll have no endurance and you will tear apart your body in no time.

Leg 2: Mobility

If you have problems with mobility or flexibility, running can wreak havoc on your body!
Your PT has lots of different ways to test this when you come in for an assessment, but one quick
way you can check this yourself is by laying down flat on a bed or table, flexing your feet towards you, and noticing how far your foot flexes.
Ideally, runners want to be able to flex their foot past the 90 degree point when laying flat, because this means that when they’re running, their foot can fully flex and extend in a stride. If the foot only flexes into that 90 degree position, there is a need for improved mobility and flexibility before safe running can occur. Have no fear! We’re here to help!

Leg 3: Stability

It is so important that you have adequate stability while running! A quick test of this is to stand with your bare feet flat on the floor, and then see if you can lift just your big toe up without the other toes on each foot. It’s harder than it sounds! 

The Importance of Balance

We would be remiss if we didn’t touch upon the importance of good balance and control while running, as it is also absolutely critical for maintaining proper form while running. A quick and easy test for this is to see if you can balance on one leg while maintaining good form in the upper body (don’t let your pelvis collapse down), making sure the ankle you’re balancing on stays strong and the arch of the foot remains stable and lifted throughout the whole exercise.

Dr. Kayla Shares Even More Tips

In today’s video, Dr. Kayla explains even more about how to assess your gait and make sure all three of those legs of the “runner’s stool” are secure. Check it out below!

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Life’s too short to suffer!

To your health & happiness,

Doctors Sarah and The Balance Within PT Team



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