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Winter & Holiday Now Active: Limited Quantity Available.
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Telehealth Services

Stuck at home with nagging pain that limits you from enjoying activities you love? Worried you can’t get help?

We understand your aches, pains, and health problems don’t go away even if you’re unable to get out of your home.

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How Does Telehealth Work?

Telehealth PT is very similar to in-person visits. Here’s how:

Reasons Our Telehealth Option Is So Popular:

Here Are Some Questions People Frequently Have About Telehealth:

All of our highly specilaized Physical Therapists have been practicing for 10-25+ years. Chances are, whatever you’re experiencing (even if your symptoms seem to be stubborn and chronic/complex, even if you’ve seen dozens of other professionals without much success), we’ve likely seen it before and know what to do without seeing you in person! The vast majority of our in-clinic evaluations are centered around listening to your story and asking helpful questions paired with a visual inspection of how you’re moving to determine areas of strengths & weakness just by looking at how you’re moving! These are all easy to replicate with a video PT session.

The only difference with virtual visits is that instead of the Physical Therapist doing any hands-on work, we teach you how to do this yourself. We still use the same powerful integrative techniques, the same theories and approaches and target the same areas. We just EMPOWER YOU with the knowledge on how to do this for yourself. Our patients have LOVED this part of the virtual sessions; they can dare to go kayaking or take that long hike and know that if something flares up, they know exactly how to calm things down again without having to wait until their next PT session for hands-on work! Of course, our goals remain the same in that we are helping you get rid of those stubborn symptoms and not worry about them coming back by getting to the root of the problem!

It’s actually quite simple. No matter where you are hurting, by doing a basic assessment of seeing how you move and listening to your story we will have a starting point of where you need to work to start having you feel better! And we understand that wherever you hurt, you also have a body attached to that spot so we are working on taking care of you as ‘a body’ rather than just a shoulder, neck, back, etc. ​

Our Telehealth offerings are especially popular with moms since it’s so easy for them to get the care they need without having to line up childcare! We’re able to help pregnant moms with their aches & pains so they can sleep well, avoid stretch marks, feel great and help prepare their bodies for an easier delivery. For postpartum moms, we’re able to help them with regaining their core & pelvic floor strength, healing a diastasis recti (even if it’s several inches!) which gets rid of that ‘mummy tummy’, address pain with intercourse or urinary leakage too. Restoring the core & pelvic floor strength is integral for lifting, walking, running, jumping and just being active without aches & pains. Whether your last child was born weeks, months, years or even decades ago, we can help! 

Whether you’re looking for help with urinary leakage or urgency, prolapse, pelvic floor weakness or pelvic pain, we can help you via Telehealth. Even when we’re in clinic, most of the treatment for these conditions involves education, bladder training techniques and teaching the many nuances of how to feel and know whether you’re performing pelvic floor contraction/relaxation techniques and other exercises properly. We’ve had a lot of success with teaching our pelvic pain patients to perform these gentle release techniques on themselves. Many patients love the sense of feeling in control and find they’re able to relax better when they’re performing the releases on themselves. 

Absolutely! Often, common household items such as rolled up towels or a tennis ball can be used to help you reach your goal. For patients who are local you may stop by our physical location to pick up an inflatable ball used for treatment free of cost! Your therapist will also be able to offer you very cost-effective options for equipment and send you the link for the specific items (such as a set of resistance bands or a foam roller)

It’s actually quite simple! Your Physical Therapist will email you a link shortly before a session. You click on the link from a computer, smartphone or tablet and VOILA you’re connected to your PT over a secure video connection.

*Note: For a smartphone you may need to download the “Google Meet” app. Would you like to do a free ‘tech call’ with our Patient Care Coordinator Lori beforehand to see just how easy it is? Give us a call at 262.264.8701 to set one up!

Your journey to enjoying your pain-free and active life once more can start today from the comfort of your home. There’s no need to take two hours out of your day to get ready and go travel to see a specialist. Virtual visits give you the ease, and comfort, of getting the care you need from the place you're most comfortable - your home.

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