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Dear Balance Within Community,
We hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy. In spite of this unique and challenging time, we hope you are finding the light in this time and getting to savor spending time with your family, rekindling old hobbies, enjoying long walks, hikes, runs and getting outdoors as Spring emerges.

We’ve been quite busy making some great changes to our service to continue to be there for you during this period. We’re thrilled to continue to offer you the option of Virtual Physical Therapy Visits (Telehealth) in addition to in-person visits with an overwhelmingly positive response and great successes!! 

With our Virtual PT sessions, we’ve gotten back, neck and knee pain to go away, taught proper exercises to stop urinary leakage in its tracks and also worked with patients to help their self Myofascial Release treatment skills at home begin to rival the hands-on work we perform in clinic (and several patients have actually have gotten results even BETTER than in the clinic with receiving instruction to make some key adjustments to their home routines in real time!!)

We understand that you may no longer have the option to go see a doctor, massage therapist or chiropractor during this time and that it can be very stressful and scary to figure out how you are going to manage your pain. You may be working from home in an unsupportive chair, trying to get back into long walks/hikes/runs, attacking those weeds in the garden and finding yourself not knowing what to do with that headache or back pain afterwards.

You can try looking up random fixes on YouTube, not knowing if the exercise is right for you, or you may have to reach for the pain meds. But the great news is that we can assess you over video, pick out key areas that need help and give you the tools you need to to stay moving and active, all from the comfort and safety of your home!

If you are stuck or if any of this sounds like a problem you’re facing; we got this and we’re here for you! You can simply click on the “Book Appointment” link at the top of the page OR call us (262-264-8701) and we can let you know what your best options are to help you get you back on the bike or do that yoga video at home without tweaking your old back injury from the past 10 years 🙂

We are still taking on new patients as we continue to help our current ones. So if you, or maybe a loved one are struggling with pain and don’t know what you can do, we’ve got this! And please do a family member or a friend a favor and send this over to them. It may change their life and world having access to this help!

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                   Until we see you next, stay safe everyone! Thinking of all of you and sending lots of love your way,
                                      Doctors Sarah & Jereme Trunk and the Balance Within PT Team


Doctors Jereme and Sarah Trunk

Balance Within Integrative Physical Therapy

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