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Winter & Holiday Now Active: Limited Quantity Available.
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Success Stories

Every day we strive we strive to provide outstanding and compassionate care. Read below to hear from some of our clients about their experience at balance within integrative physical therapy

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Balance Within Integrative Physical Therapy...

- Kathy

“Meet Kathy and hear her story about recovering from debilitating headaches & neck pain. Despite trying many treatment options, she was unable to find relief until working with Balance Within and our unique treatment approach…”

- Janet

“Meet Janet; after suffering for 20 years with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and receiving only temporary relief from other treatments, she was able to receive significant and long-lasting/permanent relief from her symptoms.”

- Dennis

Meet Dennis. After trying MANY therapies and still dealing with high level shoulder, neck and arm pain, he now is able to do yoga daily and his X-rays showed INCREASED disc space in his spine after working with Balance Within! A truly amazing story! We’re so honored to get to work with wonderful people like Dennis and to witness the phenomenal healing journeys of our patients. While his story is AMAZING, it’s not unique! This happens every day with our patients at Balance Within and is why we love the work we do!”

- Marilyn

“I have had Physical Therapy before in the past… This is totally different and I can honestly say this is THE ONE! I found it worked extremely well! The results have allowed my body to actually feel ‘opened up’ and alleviate areas of pain that previous YEARS of therapy could not provide…”

- Laura

“I now have lasting relief to my chronic neck and shoulder pain that repeated deep tissue massage would NOT release! I have VASTLY improved mobility and comfort!…”

- Karen

“I thought my gardening days were numbered from back stiffness and spasms. After my first session I felt IMMEDIATE relief from my stiffness… I now use the “tools” I was taught and no longer have muscle spasms and I am back in the garden!…”

- Dawn

“The Balance Within PT Team is FANTASTIC! They are so professional, knowledgeable, and gentle. They helped me release my C-section scar and I was able to access lower ab muscles that I hadn’t been able to for years! I highly recommend her.”

- Kristin

“The Balance Within PT Team are amazing! They helped relieve my extreme back pain and most importantly taught me how to help myself! Decades of poor movement patterns finally caught up with me and sent my body’s support system spiraling. With their expert treatment and teaching, I am stronger and healthier than ever. Their professionalism, knowledge, and personal treatment made all of the difference. I can’t thank them enough!”

- Patti

“I have been seeing my PT at Balance Within PT for a couple of years with my litany of problems and I have had amazing results. Whether it was sciatica, leg problems, my headaches or my never ending dry mouth and swallowing issues, he has helped me in so many ways. I am now at a point on my journey that I see my PT every three weeks or so for my “tuneup” and work on whatever issue has been acting up. THANK YOU!!!”

- Ashley

“I had a great experience working with Balance Within PT last fall! I had seen a different PT earlier in the year to correct ab muscle separation postpartum which helped, but only got me to a functional level. I was still afraid to try more challenging exercises at the gym. My PT approach was very consultative – she took the time to understand my situation, educate me on why my condition happened and why my progress stalled, and laid out a clear plan on how she could help. Her wholistic treatment taught me proper technique, opened up muscles that were very tight, and helped me gain strength. I’d highly recommend Balance Within PT to anyone!”

- Leah

“Not only did my PT at the Balance Within PT provide great help with my initial problem (shoulder injury), he also worked with me on a chronic condition that seemed an unlikely fit for physical therapy. My PT did effective hands-on work and also showed me follow-up exercises that are easy to do at home. He offers the perfect combination of top-notch expertise and friendly, caring attention. If you’ve been disappointed by traditional therapies, it’s worth your while to check out Balance Within — a terrific investment in your health.”

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