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Are You Struggling With Shoulder Pain In Delafield, WI?

"Are You Being Held Back By Shoulder Pain? Have You Tried Everything To Fix It, But Feel Let Down?"

Don’t sacrifice the lifestyle you love over problems that we can help you fix. Check out this free tips report for Shoulder Pain made just for you!

A Message From Doctors Jereme and Sarah Trunk, Owners & Founders of Balance Within – Integrative Physical Therapy

Drs. Jereme and Sarah Trunk

Owners & Founders of Balance Within PT

Does this sound like you?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions — you’re in the right place! 

5 Exercises for Shoulder Pain - You Need To Hear

At Balance Within Physical Therapy, we understand the frustration of shoulder pain, and we're here to help you find relief. Don’t let shoulder pain hold you back from living life to the fullest. Take action now and discover the relief you deserve!

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Many people in Wisconsin suffer unnecessarily with shoulder pain and stiffness because they’re told…

The Truth Is...

At Balance Within – Integrative Physical Therapy, We Help People Age Looking For Physical Therapy In Delafield & Beyond Find LASTING Solutions to Aches & Pains NATURALLY… So They Can Get Back to the Active Lifestyle They Want
(...without unnecessary medications or surgeries)

It can be very confusing to decide exactly what you should do if you have shoulder pain and stiffness. You’ve likely heard a lot of options such as…

It’s overwhelming to try to make a decision with all these choices… what will happen if you don’t make the right one?

Most people get stuck trying to make a decision about what to do next. They go days, weeks, months (even years!) without taking action.

When It Comes To Solving Something Serious Like Shoulder ​Pain & Stiffness…

You must choose the right provider for your health. If you don’t, you could end up getting dangerous surgery (when it was unnecessary) or being dependent on addicting painkillers the rest of your life.

Getting the “least-invasive”, most natural treatment is VITAL to you stopping your shoulder pain and stiffness and keeping it from ever coming back.

To do that, you have to not just treat the pain, but have a provider who is willing to figure out WHY the pain happened in the first place. That’s when you’ll get a PERMANENT solution to your problems. 

At Balance Within – Integrative Physical Therapy we’ve created a 3 step process to get rid of your pain AND make sure it doesn’t come back again.

Step #1 - We Want To Listen To Your Story

Our medical system is frustrating. You wait weeks, sometimes months, for an appointment, only to get to talk to the doctors for 10 minutes before they have to run to the next patient and you’re left sitting there wondering, “What just happened?”

Even most physical therapy clinics operate this way. They’re not attentive, they’re fast-paced, and your therapist doesn’t have time to actually touch where you hurt.

This is why our first step is to listen to your story.

After working with lots of people with shoulder pain and stiffness, we know that no two people are alike. Each person has a different body, a different history, and different types of pain.

That is why our first step is to have an open conversation and time for you to tell your story. That way we get a deep understanding of what’s going on not just with your body, but also how it’s impacting your life. 

Step #2 - Find Out WHY Your Shoulder Pain Started

Many people have a diagnosis, or medical term for what’s going on with their body. Maybe their doctor gave it to them, maybe tests showed the diagnosis, or maybe you found it online.

You could have been told that your only choice was to take painkillers, get an injection or have surgery.

Sometimes, those things bring temporarily relief, but they’re not addressing what CAUSED the problem in the first place.

Every person’s cause of shoulder pain and stiffness is different. No one has the exact same problem caused by the exact same thing as another person.

Our goal at Balance Within – Integrative Physical Therapy is to find that original cause of your pain, so not only does your shoulder pain go away, it STAYS AWAY! 


This is when the big transformations occur. We develop a personalized plan that allows you to

…Get back to exercising without fear of shoulder pain and stiffness coming back (or injuring things further!)
…Be able to lift, carry and play with your kids and grandkids with no problems
…Return to gardening, shoveling & those DIY house projects without pain holding you back
…Get back to your pre-injury lifestyle you love (yoga, pickleball, golf – whatever you love to do!)

Our best clients are those who are motivated and ready to win back their active lifestyle. (Even if they feel stuck right now!)

Want to know more about our availability and costs before making any commitment to coming in? 

You don’t have to sacrifice the active lifestyle you desire over problems that can be fixed.

Doctors Jereme and Sarah 

"Are You Being Held Back By Shoulder Pain? Have You Tried Everything To Fix It, But Feel Let Down?"

Don’t sacrifice the lifestyle you love over problems that we can help you fix. Check out this free tips report for Shoulder Pain made just for you!

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Balance Within Integrative Physical Therapy...

- Dennis

Meet Dennis. After trying MANY therapies and still dealing with high level shoulder, neck and arm pain, he now is able to do yoga daily and his X-rays showed INCREASED disc space in his spine after working with Balance Within! A truly amazing story! We’re so honored to get to work with wonderful people like Dennis and to witness the phenomenal healing journeys of our patients. While his story is AMAZING, it’s not unique! This happens every day with our patients at Balance Within and is why we love the work we do!”

- Marilyn

I have had Physical Therapy before in the past… This is totally different and I can honestly say this is THE ONE! I found it worked extremely well! The results have allowed my body to actually feel ‘opened up’ and alleviate areas of pain that previous YEARS of therapy could not provide…”

- Laura

“I now have lasting relief to my chronic neck and shoulder pain that repeated deep tissue massage would NOT release! I have VASTLY improved mobility and comfort!…”

- Leah

Not only did my PT at the Balance Within PT provide great help with my initial problem (shoulder injury), they also worked with me on a chronic condition that seemed an unlikely fit for physical therapy. They did effective hands-on work and also showed me follow-up exercises that are easy to do at home.”

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