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A Safe, Proven & Natural Frozen Shoulder Treatment – Myofascial Release

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Your shoulder is stiff, painful, and tight – is it a frozen shoulder or is it something else?

In this blog, you can discover whether your shoulder problem is actually a frozen shoulder, why a frozen shoulder often takes so long to heal, and the fastest, and most effective frozen shoulder treatments that are helping people like you, in our Delafield clinic.

What Is A Frozen Shoulder?

If you have a frozen shoulder you will be struggling with pain and stiffness, losing mobility, and suffering from a reduced range of motion in your shoulder.

This could show up in your life when you reach overhead to shut the trunk, or you raise your arms to put your clothes on each morning.

As well as being painful, it can also be extremely annoying and inconvenient.

Especially if you enjoy living an active lifestyle, playing sports, or you love playing games with your kids and grandkids.

What Causes Frozen Shoulder?

One common cause of a frozen shoulder is when you’re dealing with lots of inflammation and irritation in the shoulder, and this can be common in people with medical conditions like diabetes.

But more commonly, frozen shoulder is caused by irritation of the shoulder tendons, or shoulder pain due to issues and imbalances in the shoulder joint.

This could be caused to postural problems such as sitting for long periods of time hunched forward, which means that when you move your arm, your rotator cuff tendon are being pinched.

Or you may have you’re a lot of tightness in your neck, and that’s throwing your shoulder mechanics off.

It’s not easy to identify this.

And it’s why so many people spend years in pain.

But at our clinic, our expert team are specialists and capable of identifying exactly why you’re in pain.

Once we do that, we’re able to stop it naturally and safely with a variety of treatment options and show you how to manage it moving forward so it doesn’t take hold of your life again.

How Long Does Frozen Shoulder Last?

If you’re recognizing your current situation above – stiffness, tightness, pain, and reduced movement in your shoulder – then you’re probably wondering “How long does frozen shoulder last?”

The recovery time for a frozen shoulder varies, but a frozen shoulder can last for a significant period of time. Months, if not years, for some people.

But there are reasons why a frozen shoulder takes so long to heal, and here are 2 common mistakes to avoid if you want a faster recovery from a frozen shoulder.

Why Does Frozen Shoulder Take So Long?

Resting And Hoping Frozen Shoulder Will Heal On Its Own

When a frozen shoulder starts to develop, people tend to rest in the hope that it’ll fix itself.

But when you move your shoulder less, things tighten up and it begins a vicious cycle where all the connective tissues and fascia become tighter and stiffer.

Then, people try to rest even more.

Do even less.

And again, the shoulder gets tighter, stiffer, and more limited in its range of motion.

And this means that a frozen shoulder lasts much longer than it needs to.

So if you think you are developing a frozen shoulder, try your best to keep moving.

If it hurts too much, or you want to check that this is the right approach for you, why not speak to our expert team in a FREE Telephone Consultation?

In a short call, you can share your story, and we can very quickly give you personalized advice on what’s happening with your shoulder, and the best ways to fix it.

Not Getting Expert Help

Another reason a frozen shoulder lasts so long for so many is that they don’t get expert help when they need it.

At our clinic, we have a variety of treatment options for frozen shoulder, and our approach of 1-1 care and a personalized treatment plan means you get fast-acting relief and long-term results.

Myofascial Release To Naturally Relieve Frozen Shoulder

Founder and Expert Physical Therapist; Sarah Trunk explains why Myofascial Release is so effective at healing a frozen shoulder.

One form of frozen shoulder treatment that is incredibly effective – as well as being 100% natural, proven, and safe – is Myofascial Release.

Myofascial release works by releasing tension in the fascial system, which is the connective tissue that surrounds and connects the muscles and all the different parts of your body.

This could be the reason that you’re not able to fix your shoulders.

The fascia which surrounds the muscles and joints is too tight.

Traditional therapy with a frozen shoulder is a lot of stretches, and it can be quite painful.

This can work, but not the most pleasant experience.

What we have a lot of success with, and why so many people with frozen shoulders come to us, is that we offer myofascial release.

This is perfect for people who can’t handle lots of stretching or have been to traditional therapy and didn’t get the results that they wanted.

And this is much more enjoyable and very different from the stretches or therapy you may have tried in the past.

For frozen shoulder specifically, we would aim to loosen all the fascia at the front of the shoulder, in the capsule of the shoulder, and your back muscles which integrate with your shoulder. This is a powerful strategy to relieve a frozen shoulder quickly and naturally.

Whole Body Approach To Fix The Root Cause Of Your Shoulder Pain

Another reason so many people visit our clinic is that we take a holistic approach to you, and we look at which parts of your body are too tight – we don’t just look at the shoulders.

Because we do this, you can uncover the real reason that you’ve got a frozen shoulder.

And from there, we create a personalized plan that gently loosens them, without cranking your shoulder through painful stretches.

How To Fix Your Frozen Shoulder Quickly, Naturally, And Without Painful Stretching

The fastest way to cure your frozen shoulder is to come into our clinic – and you can do this for FREE.

Due to extremely high demand at our clinic, there are a limited number of these free appointments – a Free Discovery Visit.

In a free discovery visit, you can spend 1-1 time with an expert physical therapist with a proven track record of naturally treating aches, pains, and injuries.

You can share your story, get your questions answered, and discover the most effective treatment options that are suitable for you.

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