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Have A Headache From Your Pelvis

Do You Have TMJ Or Headaches? It's Not All In Your Head!

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All month here at Balance Within PT we have been highlighting the wisdom our expert PTs dole out in clinic on the regular regarding TMJ, neck pain, jaw pain, and headaches. Today, we thought we’d share about a connection we in the PT world know is VERY real, but the average lay person may not realize fully.

Your Jaw and Pelvis Are Interconnected


Here’s an interesting fact for you – during gestation, your tiny embryo self undergoes a process known as gastrulation. When this happens, two tiny depressions begin to form along the “back” side of your little egg sack. One is known as the oropharyngeal membrane, and this goes on to form your mouth and jaw, and the other is known as the cloacal membrane. This indentation goes on to form the openings into the urinary, reproductive, and digestive tracts. Isn’t that amazing? Quite literally from before birth, the pelvis and the mouth and jaw have been interconnected. It’s no wonder then, why when one tightens or contracts, so does the other.

Dr. Megan Explains The Connection

Watch the video below to learn more!
As you heard in the above video, when the muscles of our pelvic floor and core are not properly firing, that puts a *ton* of strain on the muscles of the neck and head, and in turn can lead to poor posture, mis-firing of muscles, too much activation in one area and not enough in another, and – you guessed it – headaches and jaw pain, and even TMJ.
Grinding and clenching of the jaw can be caused by a lot of things, from stress to suppressed emotions, but it’s definitely worth exploring if your jaw and neck pain and that headache that just won’t go away is actually coming your pelvis. A trained pelvic floor PT can easily and quickly assess what’s going on in your specific situation, and will guide you through simple home care practices combined with profoundly powerful hands on techniques to open the space for massive change in your physiology and musculature patterns. (And by the way, did you know we have not one but TWO fully trained pelvic floor PTs on staff?)

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