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Eliminating Chronic Low Back Pain

The Key(stone) to Your Back Pain

Did you know your body has a keystone muscle?  Something that has been said to be the tissue connecting your upper half to the lower half of your body?  Something that attaches to ALL 5 of your lumber vertebrae?

This heavy hitter is known as the Psoas and it could be the primary cause of your back pain! 

It’s no secret that as a society, we sit more now than we ever have throughout the evolutionary timeline of mankind and this muscle is one of the primary muscles that tightens when we sit for long periods.

This can be a big piece of your back pain puzzle and we are here to help you put any other pieces back in place.
With an Integrative Physical Therapy approach to the body, like the model used at Balance Within, eliminating chronic low back pain from your desk job is absolutely possible! We’re here to help!

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