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Dry Needling in Delafield, Wisconsin

Are you struggling with a pulled muscle or nagging injuries in your back, legs, neck or shoulders that are stopping you from going out for a walk or doing the weekly shopping?

Dry Needling may be the missing piece you are searching for

What is Trigger Point Dry Needling Therapy?

Dry needling is a process of inserting small sterile disposable mono-filament needles into specific trigger points in the muscles to release tension in the muscle groups targeted. 

When placing the needle at a trigger point, an interesting phenomenon occurs – the whole muscle group “triggered” by the insertion of the tiny needle begins to twitch or spasm, causing (in fancy PT terms) a depolarization of the muscle. And what does depolarization mean, you ask? Basically, it just means the muscle is allowed to relax, let go of tension, and reset completely. 

Dry needling helps to target muscles and tissues that may not be manually shifted and engaged with specific stretches and exercises.

Who Is Dry Needling Therapy For?

Dry Needling is perfect for people who want to recover from pulled muscles, strains, and nagging pain in their legs, back, and shoulder including painful conditions from herniated discs to stenosis, muscle spasms, neck strains, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, and even plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis and carpal tunnel! 

Frankly, anywhere in the body where you are experiencing tightness or tension, it’s quite likely dry needling can help.

Dry needling is an excellent tool for many patients, and it’s important to note that it’s not a panacea or a fix-all. For best results, it is imperative you work with one of our expert, highly-trained therapists to really get to the root of your issues and address all the pieces of the puzzle to get you feeling your best! 

What Are The Benefits Of Dry Needling Therapy?

Dry Needling has been used for many years and can be beneficial for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, it is known to help with the quick release of muscle spasms and tension in a variety of regions of the body. It has become a popular treatment approach very quickly in the physical therapy world due to its ability to often achieve quick results from pain. 

Other Benefits: Dry Needling can be used to release muscular tension. stiffness and pain caused by injuries or trauma such as pulled or torn muscles. It decreases inflammation you may experience due to a sudden injury like a rotator cuff tear or sprain and can also increase blood flow to the surrounding area aiding in recovery from injury or overuse.

Dry Needling therapy is also often used in conjunction with manual or hands-on and exercise-based physical therapy as both are treatment options that work well together and on their own!

Does Dry Needling Therapy Hurt?

Although it may look and sound scary if you’ve seen or know someone who has done dry needling therapy, it is a relatively gentle experience and can often leave patients feeling great within a day of their treatment.

Most patients say they feel a pinch when the needles are inserted and feel a tremendous difference within 24-48 hours. 

Dry Needling is a safe, and proven way to relieve pain and help you recover from any aches that are stopping you from enjoying an active, pain-free life doing what you love.

Find Out If Dry Needling Therapy Could Benefit You

Dr. Mike, our resident spine specialist fully trained and certified to offer dry needling, is available to connect with you in a one to one consultation and help advise you on if it’s a good fit for you, and what else may be necessary to really get you back to feeling your full self again.

Don’t let injury and the myth of old age keep you from living your life – we here at Balance Within are happy to help and honored to be part of your team, keeping you strong, vital, and feeling great through all the wear and tear life can take on the body.

To find out if you could benefit from dry needling therapy, we are currently offering a 30 minute dry needling taster session with Dr. Mike.  Call us at 262-264-8701 to schedule yours today.  Limit 2 per person.