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Do You Experience Knee, Foot Or Ankle Pain?

Pelvic malalignment can be the cause of your foot, ankle or knee pain

Many times I have worked with patients experiencing recurring leg pain. They often have had it treated before with some success, but are frustrated by frequent recurrence of their symptoms.

 Often times only the area of pain has been examined and addressed with treatment. The symptoms may improve with this initially, but they eventually return because what wasn’t addressed was the cause of the symptoms.
The cause may be located at some distance from the site of the pain and may not be painful, so it is often overlooked by many practitioners.

Malalignment of your pelvis will change how your entire body moves and distributes forces. Therefore it is often a root cause of faulty movement patterns that overtime lead to pain in your leg. If you have stubborn knee, ankle or foot pain that is keeping you from the activities you love to do, there is still hope.

We will examine and treat your whole movement system to discover and address the root cause of your symptoms so you can get back to an active lifestyle. 

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