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Do I Really Need A Shoulder MRI? Or Surgery?

Many of our patients ask all the time, “Do I need a shoulder MRI?” or “But what if I have a tear in my shoulder? Do I need surgery?”

Good news my friends! The research is solid in many of the major medical journals with these answers:

  • No, an MRI is not usually needed unless a patient has tried at least 6 weeks of Physical Therapy without improvement
  • Most shoulder MRI’s will show something (some sort of a tear) but that’s OK and totally normal, surgery is usually not needed. Most people have some sort of tear without pain.
  • The outcome for treating shoulder tears with (1) Physical Therapy only versus (2) Surgery + Physical Therapy is THE SAME most of the time (surgery is often not really needed!)
  • Many insurance companies are now requiring their patients to try Physical Therapy for at least 6 weeks BEFORE considering surgery, because the research shows PT is often just as effective if not more so

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