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There is More to the Core Than What Meets the Eye! 

Some of the most elite athletes may look good on the court, field, or track, but they may still have a weak core! Six-pack abs (Rectus Abdominis) look good, but the Transverse Abdominis is what really needs attention. This muscle is part of our deepest core muscles, it is our built-in support structure for the spine and pelvis, and is key to our overall well being!

We are all amazing at finding the easiest way to function in life. We can simply adjust our posture in order to avoid using our core– it is so much easier! 

However, eventually that poor posture affects other body parts such as neck, shoulders, back, knees and feet. That’s when our bodies scream at us with PAINl! We need to activate our REAL core in order to support our whole body and keep us moving efficiently and pain-free.

How do we know if we are properly recruiting the REAL core? There is a fairly simple way to assess your core with use of palpation during specific movements, and a progression of exercises to train these deep core muscles to support you all throughout your day.

This helps get rid of stubborn back & neck pain and allows us to lift and carry our kids & grand kids without a problem, hooray!

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