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Your diaphragm measures mere millimeters in thickness, but it has sweeping influence over bodily systems that can ultimately dictate your long-term health and well-being, and therefore CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 

If you’re having any kind of health problem, you may want to start with your diaphragm – which is located just below your lungs. In particular, you should focus on your quality of breathing (Diaphragmatic Breathing).

Diaphragmatic Breathing can affect pain perception, digestion problems, poor circulation, sleep apnea, heightened anxiety, and poor posture.
Since your posture is the most visible indication of imbalances in the body, it is usually the focus. But as you will learn, you will gain much more than a better posture from proper breathing skills. notes that proper breathing from your diaphragm can affect even how straight you stand or sit. Many people breathe from the chest, which uses “secondary” muscles in the neck and collarbone. “When this breathing pattern is accompanied by poor posture, many muscles in your upper body lose their ability to properly function.”

Tight “accessory” muscles around the chest can cause your shoulder to be rounded forward and your neck to stick out from the strain, it adds. This leads to a weakened back, which is important in helping maintain a proper posture. In short, learning proper breathing from the diaphragm can help you restore a straighter back.
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