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We are located in Downtown Delafield across from the Riverwalk and Blue Collar Coffee (formerly Milwaukee Street Traders Coffee) on Milwaukee Street. The main entrance to our building is on Milwaukee Street. Our location is on the 3rd floor, and when you enter, follow signs towards Pathways Wellness as our clinic is inside the Pathways Wellness suite.

Effective immediately through the Spring of ’23, there is major construction going on next door and the parking lot for our building is closed.

For all who are able, parking is now to the west of our building in the public parking lot on Dopkins Street.

There are a number of handicapped parked spaces still open and available in our building’s parking lot, so for those with either a handicap sticker or badge, that remains as an option.

If you do not have a handicap designation for your vehicle but still know you would have a difficult time navigating the way across the road and up to our suite, please contact Lori at 262.264.8701 and she will arrange for one of our PTs to meet you at your car and help you up to and back from our office for your appointment. Your safety and comfort is our top priority!