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Could your posture be causing you to leak?

There are MANY factors involved when it comes to urinary incontinence (AKA leaking urine at ANY time), but did you know that slouchy posture can play a big role in it?!  When you’re slouched forward and have your pelvis tucked under, it puts increased pressure on your pelvic floor (the muscles on the bottom of your pelvis). Increased pressure on your pelvic floor can lead to pelvic pain, prolapse, and yes, even urinary incontinence. In this week’s video Dr. Megan shares some simple, quick tips for improving your posture. Check it out today!

Video Transcript:

Hi there, this is Dr. Megan from Balance Within Integrative PT.

Today I want to give you 3 super simple quick tips to help you get in great posture.

Now I know as PTs we are always going on about how posture is so important for helping reduce neck, low back, hip and a bunch of other pain, but did you know that slumped posture increases downward pressure on your pelvic floor and can increase your risk of pelvic floor dysfunction such as leaking urine, pelvic pain and pelvic organ prolapse?!  So let’s work on it!

Go ahead and stand up.

First, I want you to imagine you have a string attached to the crown of your head and someone is pulling up on it like a puppet. This will help get you out of that common forward head position.

Next, I want you to stack your ribs over your pelvis.

Finally, if you feel like your lower back is still really arching, go ahead and lift your pubic bone up from your lower abdominals just a pinch without squeezing your glutes. 

No forced, excessive positions with any of this, you don’t need to walk around a stiff robot all day. This may feel a little weird, but should be comfortable.  Once you master this, practice maintaining this alignment as you go about throughout your day.

For more tips and support if you’re dealing with any kinds of aches or pains or any pelvic floor concerns, check out our blog.


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