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Can Physical Therapy Help Heal Herniated Discs?

Hey there! Doctors Sarah and Jereme Trunk here from Balance Within PT.

Have you ever wondered whether physical therapy can help painful conditions like herniated discs in the spine? Of course it can!

Today, we are taking a look what causes herniated discs in the first place, what the recovery process can look like, and how physical therapy can play an absolutely integral role in the healing process.

What exactly is a herniated disk?

Disc herniation occurs when the fluid-filled discs between your vertebrae (you can think of them a bit like a bunch of jelly-filled donuts along your spine) become compressed, and that jelly filling in the center squishes out to one side or the other. Since the discs act as “shock absorbers” in the spine, when a herniation occurs, it is no fun!

When compression of the disc or herniation happens, it can cause all sorts of sharp pain along the leg into the feet, intense discomfort, numbness, and tingling, and if not properly addressed, it really won’t just go away on its own.

Luckily, you have the secret weapon of world-class physical therapists who specialize in spinal alignment, support, and stabilization. We can absolutely help create the right environment for healing your body and your spine!

A Special Video Our resident spinal specialist, Dr. Kayla, recorded a video on slipped discs/hernias sharing a little more about how we here at Balance Within PT can help you recover and heal from this painful but completely treatable condition. Check it out below!

What Does the Healing Process Look Like?

When you’re working with one of our PTs to address herniation, it’s not uncommon to need a series of treatments for a time to help get the inflammation and nerve irritation under control. Sometimes, in the process of healing and returning the body to proper alignment, the discomfort or pain you experience in your back can be worsen as that fluid/jelly from the “donut” or your disc slides back into place. This is actually a very good sign, and no cause for alarm.

After the acute phase of healing is behind us, we can then turn our attention to the root cause of this condition and focus on bringing increased stabilization to the spine as well as re-patterning of the muscles and tissues involved to help ensure this type of injury does not return.

In choosing to work with us to address your hernia troubles, you are making an empowered choice to heal, recover, and experience fully vitality. Your body is worth it!

One on One Custom Care – Our Secret Weapon!

Whether you are dealing with a chronic, long-term misalignment or experiencing an acute flare up of this painful condition, the spine experts here at Balance Within really play an important part in your healing. When you come in for your first session, we will take our time and really listen to you, understand what your unique issue is, and customize a plan of care based on your specific needs, not just some cookie-cutter plan designed for the masses.

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If you are wanting or needing customized care for your herniated discs or any number of other structural challenges, reach out to us or come in to see one of our expert PTs to help get you feeling better. Call us at 262.264.8701 to chat with us about how we can help and get on the path to better movement or click below to inquire for more information.

To your health & happiness,

Doctors Sarah & The Balance Within PT Team (Jill, Megan, Kayla, Shri, Lori & Jereme too!)



Doctors Jereme and Sarah Trunk

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