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Are You Struggling With Back Pain In Delafield, WI?

"Have You Tried Everything To Fix Your Back Pain But Feel Let Down?"

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A Message From Doctors Jereme and Sarah Trunk, Owners & Founders of Balance Within – Integrative Physical Therapy

Drs. Jereme and Sarah Trunk

Owners & Founders of Balance Within PT

At Balance Within Physical Therapy, we understand your frustration and that’s why we’re here to help. Don’t let back pain keep you from living life to the fullest when there are solutions here waiting for you.

Does this sound like you?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions — you’re in the right place! 

Here at Balance Within Physical Therapy, we understand just how frustrating back pain can be which is why we’re here to help.

Back Pain

Experiencing Shooting Pain or Numbness? Our Expert Back Pain Treatment Can Help. If you're dealing with leg pain, joint pain, or issues like discs and sciatica, you're not alone.
Our skilled back pain specialists in Delafield, Wisconsin, are backed by years of experience and are equipped to provide tailored solutions for your discomfort.

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When It Comes To Back Pain…

There are many people that suffer unnecessarily with back pain and stiffness. This is because they’re often told to try ways to reduce the pain that either don’t work or only provide you with short-term relief. 

Ever since your pain started, you’ve had to change the way you live your life — and you may have not even realized it. You’ve had to limit yourself from certain activities due to the pain. You’re prioritizing resting instead of staying active. It’s harder for you to keep up with your friends, family, kids, or grandchildren and you’re tired of being left feeling defeated

Feeling disappointed and disconnected from your life — this is no way to live!

While you may be thinking that there is no practical solution for you out there, we’re here to prove you wrong. 

Treating Back Pain

At Balance Within – Integrative Physical Therapy, We Help People Looking For Physical Therapy In Delafield & Beyond Find LASTING Solutions to Aches & Pains NATURALLY… So They Can Get Back to the Active Lifestyle They Want (...without unnecessary medications or surgeries)

Maybe You’ve Tried…

The problem with these options is that they only provide you with temporary solutions (or surgery, which you definitely don’t want!)

The Truth is

What you need for your back pain is a provider that is skilled in treating back pain problems by finding the root cause and working with you so you can finally find the relief you’ve been looking for.

That’s Where We Come In

Here at Balance Within Physical Therapy, we do as promised — get to the root cause of your problem and find you the solution you’ve been tirelessly searching for...

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…up until this point. 

So, you may be thinking to yourself, “If I’ve tried all of this and nothing works, does this mean I’m a lost cause

The answer to your question is (drumroll, please): No! You are not a lost cause

While you may feel defeated after trying various ways to get rid of your back pain, the team here at Balance Within Physical Therapy understands your frustrations
We’re here to tell you that you need a provider that knows how to treat back pain by finding the root cause, figuring out why it started in the first place, and come up with a solution to correct your problem so you can start feeling like yourself again

By contacting us TODAY and asking about our free consultation—that’s the first step.

Once you do, then it’s time for us to help you reduce your back pain and return to living life on your own terms. 

How Does Balance Within Physical Therapy Stand Out From The Rest?

You may be wondering right now — “What makes Balance Within Physical Therapy stand out from the rest? How am I going to get better results than everything else I’ve already tried?”

If you’re not thoroughly convinced after reading all of this that Balance Within Physical Therapy is the best option for you and your health, you might be wondering — why Balance Within? 

How do we stand out from the rest? 

Unlike other treatments, we don’t just teach you a few exercises or stretches aimed at healing back pain and then send you on your way. 

Through our personalized treatment plan based on you and your specific back pain condition, we help you every single step of the way. 

Our passion lies in helping our patients reach their ultimate goal of finding relief from their back pain so they can return to their favorite activities. 

After we analyze your condition and talk over your history, we’ll come up with your plan of action tailored to you — this is because we know that no two patients are the same and back pain isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to physical therapy. 

After your treatment plan is established, we begin our work together.

Your goals are important to us. We’ll work together to guide you back to living the active lifestyle that you adore. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Balance Within Physical Therapy and how we can help you reduce your back pain and return to living your desired lifestyle, then be sure to ask us about our free consultation by contacting us TODAY! 

Don’t waste any more of your precious time living in pain when there are real solutions waiting for you here at Balance Within Physical Therapy.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Balance Within Integrative Physical Therapy...

- Marilyn

“I have had Physical Therapy before in the past… This is totally different and I can honestly say this is THE ONE! I found it worked extremely well! The results have allowed my body to actually feel ‘opened up’ and alleviate areas of pain that previous YEARS of therapy could not provide…”

- Kristin

“Balance Within PT team are amazing! They helped relieve my extreme back pain and most importantly taught me how to help myself! Decades of poor movement patterns finally caught up with me and sent my body’s support system spiraling. With their expert treatment and teaching, I am stronger and healthier than ever. Their professionalism, knowledge, and personal treatment made all of the difference. I can’t thank them enough!”

- Karen

“I thought my gardening days were numbered from back stiffness and spasms. After my first session I felt IMMEDIATE relief from my stiffness… I now use the “tools” I was taught and no longer have muscle spasms and I am back in the garden!…”

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