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Is Back Pain Ruining Summer Fun With Your Kids Or Grandkids?

Do you feel lost this summer as you’re usually out with the kids or grandkids kayaking or going for hikes?

But this year you’re embarrassed to admit that you aren’t enjoying yourself due to severe back pain.

A lot of our patients put up with their pain for far too long because of a crippling fear that if they confide in their family, the special bonding time they’ve loved for so many years may go away.

Especially as your kids and grandkids grow up, their priorities will change, and you may not have as many summers as you’d like to spend quality time with them.

In this blog, we will discuss the impact of back pain on later life, how it may affect you in more ways than one, and finally, some options to reduce your pain in time to enjoy summer!

“I’m Sick Of Resting, Staying Active Is Part Of My Identity”

After years of experiencing dealing with back pain in the clinic, we have noticed that for many patients, remaining active is as much part of their identity as the color of their eyes or where they grew up.

Other than being a great way to stay healthy, it is also a way for you to blow off steam after hours sitting at a desk or a particularly stressful week at work.

However, THE most important reason for many is the social aspect.

Participating in group activities, especially team sports like pickleball, and tennis are incredible ways to bond and create lifelong memories with loved ones.

Most don’t notice what they are missing out on until they’re faced with giving it up.

Waiting For The Pain To Pass Doesn’t Help In The Long Run

Many doctors recommend resting and simply waiting for the pain to pass.

While yes, this makes sense if you’re experiencing severe pain that makes it difficult to perform even simple tasks.

It becomes less effective however and frustrating if your pain is persistent.

Because you can’t afford to rest all day, and you need to keep on top of your responsibilities like work, looking at your family and taking care of your home.

If you’re suffering from back pain chances are you rested to begin with.

But now you’ve learned to put up with it because you’ve learned that resting helped in the short term but as soon as you tried to return to your regular activity, your back pain quickly returned.

So what can you do to reduce your back pain?

Ice & Heat Therapy

Ice and heat therapy can be an effective form of treatment for back pain.

Have you ever noticed how the warmth of a shower or a bath feels so soothing to your body? That is your body sending you a message.

When you have chronic areas of pain and stiffness there is actually a decrease in circulation to that region.

When you use heat, you open up the blood vessels going to these restrictions, allowing an increase in nutrients to be brought into that tissue and clear out some stagnant toxins.

Use heat anywhere from 10-30 minutes.

Ice is useful straight after an injury for typically the first 72 hours.

Apply ice for 10-20 minutes as needed.

If you’re looking for more information on Ice Vs Heat to treat your back pain, or some other free tips to relieve your pain, download our Free Report – 9 Quick and Easy Tips For Eliminating Low Back Pain & Staying Pain Free.

We creating this free tips guide so that you don’t need to sacrifice the activities you love over problems that can be fixed, get a copy sent directly to your inbox for free, simply click the link below…

9 Quick and Easy Tips For Eliminating Low Back Pain & Staying Pain Free

Tried Quick Fixes, Ready For A Long-Lasting Solution?

As you can see ice and heat are effective strategies for reducing your pain temporarily, but that is all they will ever offer, a temporary relief.

Aside from also being incredibly inconvenient to carry a backpack filled with ice and heat packs everywhere you go, it is also embarrassing and not really the solution you’re looking for.

If you’ve been worried about holding your family back because of your back pain, then it’s not exactly going to solve the issue stopping every time you get a flare-up to apply a heat patch for 20 minutes or more.

A lot of our patients have also tried forms of massage therapy or visited chiropractors, but again these treatments can be effective in the short term but will need lifelong sessions to manage your back pain, costing you both time and money.

We at Balance Within Physical Therapy appreciate that making the most of your time is one of your top priorities this summer!

That’s why we are now offering a limited number of appointments for a Free Back Pain Consultation.

This is by far the fastest and most effective form of treatment to reduce your back pain, by identifying the root cause of your pain we can start treating the cause rather than the symptoms, this is where most other pain management options go wrong.

In this consultation, you will get the opportunity to sit down 1 on 1 with an expert physical therapist from our team. Where we can learn about your pain, how it is affecting your life, and your options for the future.

You may be thinking “Physical therapy sounds good but I’m looking for a solution now, not after months and months of treatment.”

Well, would you be surprised to know that in just a few sessions we are confident we can significantly reduce your pain, if not eliminate it completely in time for the summer?

The only thing holding you back from a pain-free life is you!

So what are you waiting for?

Arrange your Free Back Pain Consultation now.

Still Unsure About Physical Therapy or Worried About Travel?

Are you still not convinced about physical therapy or is your pain so bad that you’re concerned you won’t make it to the clinic?

We also offer a Free Telephone Consultation you can tell us everything about your back pain and get simple, but proven tips and advice to ease your pain, stiffness and get you back to an action-packed life.

This is the perfect option for those hesitant about trying a new treatment or unable to travel right away.

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