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Back pain awareness – do you need this free information report?

Just a quick message from me today to let you know that it’s “Back Pain Awareness” month at Balance Within – Integrative Physical Therapy.

Each month we place a *special focus* on bringing much needed information to help people to live with less pain and to be able to keep more active and mobile, and free from painkillers…

And this month we’re looking for people with BACK PAIN or SCIATICA.

Are you one of the people that we are looking to help?

Are you suffering with any kind of ache, or pain, or stiffness or tightness in your lower back that gets worse when you sit or stand or walk?

Perhaps you’ve got pain or pins and needles in your leg, or numbness in your calf or toes?

If you have, then we’d like to give you this special report:

If you would like to get a copy of it, CLICK HERE to request your report and we’ll arrange that for you.


If you’re NOT the one currently suffering – we know that there’s a very good chance that you’ll know someone who IS.

Think – which one of your friends, family or work colleagues needs to know about this special information report?

Perhaps you could send them this link and tell them about it?

We know that so many people are living needlessly with lower-back pain and that’s why we decided to do this “awareness” campaign.

We know how to help people live with less of the restriction and pain that comes from low back pain and sciatica and this is one of the simplest ways we could think of to help as many people as possible.

Click below to claim your free report or send this to someone who needs to see it. You might just change your life or their lives for the better!

Warm wishes for health and healing,

Sarah and Jereme


Doctors Jereme and Sarah Trunk

Balance Within Integrative Physical Therapy

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