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3 Simple Tips to Resolve Bladder Leakage

Urine Leakage Is NOT Normal – Here’s What You Can Do About It.

Have you ever caught yourself rushing to the bathroom in the middle of a workout class, hoping you can make it after one too many strenuous jumps?

If so, this week’s video is for you!

Dr. Megan Wiley, one of our pelvic floor experts here at Balance Within Physical Therapy shares three simple tips to help you prevent those unfortunate accidents and embarrassing circumstances.

What exactly is urine leakage?

Urine leakage, or urinary incontinence as you may hear it called in medical circles, is defined as ANY experience of “not being able to hold it”, and it can be caused by a host of issues. We will be unpacking all of them more thoroughly in the coming month, but for now, below are some simple solutions and quick fixes you can make TODAY to help you recover from this embarrassing and entirely too common condition.

A Special Video From Our Expert

One of our Pelvic Floor specialists, Dr. Megan Wiley, created this special video just for you, to help you get a handle on this pesky and preventable problem.

Three Easy Tips for Avoiding Urinary Incontinence

1. Ensure your posture is nice and straight. 

Check for good alignment from tailbone to crown. This makes SUCH a difference in EVERY area of your body, but it especially helps to take excess strain and stress off the pelvic floor.

2. Drink plenty of water on a regular basis 
It seems paradoxical, but the more water you drink, the LESS likely you are to have incontinence issues. Avoid diuretics like coffee, tea, and carbonated beverages (yes, that includes carbonated water too), ESPECIALLY before any type of workout or exercise routine.

3. Stop making “just in case” trips to the toilet. 
Constantly running to the toilet at the first impulse to pee trains your brain to become hypervigilant about your bladder and confuses the communication signals between your bladder and your brain. Breathe through it, DON’T just “make yourself pee” whenever you’re near a bathroom, and try to wait at least a few minutes before heading to the restroom when the urge does arise.


If you are experiencing urinary incontinence or leakage, know that you are not alone and you CAN recover from this. These tips can help, but in order to really get to the root of this problem and unwind it from the source, you’ll need to meet with one our experts. Our PTs specialize in helping women just like you heal from incontinence and other pesky pelvic problems every day, and we can absolutely help you too.


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