Patient Testimonials


"I would definitely recommend Jereme and Sarah! As I learned & experienced at Balance Within, the fascia which was holding the various muscles & joints, and therefore my body out of alignment, needed to be released to relieve the pain & stiffness I was experiencing in my lower back. After first talking with Sarah & then meeting with Jereme for my first consultation/assessment I felt reassured & hopeful right away. Jereme is friendly & outgoing and he immediately put me at ease!  

I love to garden, but was experiencing stiffness spasms & lower back pain which, over the years, had become more & more limiting to the point that last spring, I realized my gardening days might very well be numbered. When a friend mentioned her experience with Sarah at Balance Within, I wondered, dared hope, that Myofascial Release might be able to help me. After my first session with Jereme, I felt immediate relief from some of the soreness & stiffness I was experiencing.  With each weekly session, my condition continued to improve. I was able to garden with less stiffness & pain & after 8 sessions my discomfort was practically non-existent.  This still continues to be my experience & I no longer have muscle spasms.  I should also add, that after each session, Jereme gave me exercises to stretch/strengthen the areas he had worked on during the session. These exercises are “tools" that I can use for the rest of my life to maintain my newfound flexibility. On top of that, I find these exercises pleasant & easy to do.  

Everything was great with my experience, especially how effective it was! Sessions were pleasant and always ended with me feeling better & uplifted! I appreciated (& still do) the “tools” Jereme gave me to maintain my newfound “freedom of movement”. Although I only spoke with Sarah over the phone, I truly believe she & Jereme share a sincere passion for their work & are dedicated to helping their patients achieve their goals & improved quality of life.  

In closing, my sessions with Jereme were enjoyable as well as effective & gave me back my quality of life to an extent that I never would have thought possible and for this I am extremely & forever grateful. As so many of the people I know will attest to, I always have enthusiastically positive things to say about Sarah and Jereme and recommend them often."

Karen M., age 67 - Wauwatosa, WI 


"I recommend Jereme and Sarah to everyone! I came in with tight psoas muscles and an injured shoulder and swelling in that same arm. I can definitely feel the difference in my psoas and learned how to work on it at home if I feel it acting up. And Jereme has done amazing work on my shoulder! Less pain, more mobility, and I don't need to use my compression garment that was a necessity for two years."

Sarah, age 40 - Elm Grove, WI


"I would highly recommend the integrated approach of Myofascial Release and Physical Therapy that Balance Within offers. I admit to having initial reservations, being totally oblivious about the benefits of myofascial work... until my first treatment. I was recovering from major reconstructive foot surgery and the progress of the Physical Therapy I was receiving elsewhere seemed to be stalling out. From the first myofascial treatment things got things back on the right track with my progress in healing. I could immediately feel the effects. And Sarah proved to know more about effective Physical Therapy techniques to correct my stance and properly restore proper balance than I had been shown with my other PT. My progress accelerated from there. There is something intuitive about Sarah and Jereme's approach that is simply superior. I am a believer not only in Myofascial Release but the Physical Therapy expertise of both Jereme and Sarah. I consider them to be the major influence in regaining my mobility properly."

Jim, age 60 - Brookfield, WI


"I would recommend Balance Within for anyone looking for pain relief! I had foot surgery 3 months prior to my first appointment with Balance Within. The surgery was a lot more extensive than planned for and healing was much slower than I anticipated. I was living with constant pain due to swelling in my toes plus hip and lower back pain from being on crutches and in a surgical boot for two months. I knew I was walking differently to compensate for my foot, but had no idea how to correct what I was doing. I had gone through physical therapy for my foot at my Podiatrist’s office and had no relief as the PT I received after my foot surgery did very little; it consisted of bending my toes back and forth and that was it. No exercises to do at home, no correction of how I walked, no addressing the hip or back pain. I really feel like it was a waste of my time and was just another way for that clinic to make money. I didn’t really understand the difference between “regular” PT and Myofascial Release, and what a difference there is! I was encouraged to try it by a close friend and did some research on my own.  I am so glad I tried it.  Sarah and Jereme were great to work with and I learned so much from them.

The therapy with Sarah & Jereme on my foot helped to promote circulation and healing and gave me relief from most of the swelling and pain I was experiencing. They were able to pinpoint the problems with my walking and help me to correct those and walk more normally, thus relieving much of my hip and back pain. Some suggestions were so simple, like taking smaller steps and doing stretches before starting my day. Others involved a bit more, i.e., basic strengthening exercises that evolved as time went on and I was able to increase my tolerance, strength and balance. It is such a relief to be able to walk and not be in constant pain! I don’t want to run marathons, but I do want to be able to walk my dog daily, walk to the mailbox, shop at a particular store because I want to, not because it was an easy in and out and to spend time with my family and friends doing things, not sitting and watching and feeling older than I am. I have learned I need to continue to do my exercises to allow myself to do the things I want to do in life.

Sarah and Jereme are very knowledgeable about Myofascial Release and the human body and were willing to explain what they were doing and why.  The atmosphere was so relaxed and caring. They celebrated my victories with me and never made me feel bad about myself when I slipped up. They truly have compassion for their patients and want to make them feel better! Going to Balance Within and working with Sarah and Jereme was a wonderful experience. They are positive and caring people who have created a comfortable, healing atmosphere for their patients. Sarah and Jereme helped me so much! I have no hesitation in recommending Balance Within!"

Pam, age 62 – Pewaukee, WI


"I would definitely recommend myofascial release at Balance Within. I would recommend it to anyone who is stiff, scarring, having joint problems, neck or back issues, or just feel tight from tension. I wasn't sure what myofascial release was and how it would impact me. I have been dealing with scarring, tightness and difficulty walking for about 10 years and wasn't very optimistic that this would help, especially since I was paying for it out of pocket. It was difficult to believe that gentle pulling and pressing for 3-5 minutes would actually do anything.  

My problems were multifaceted and I need to use a cane or a walker and have difficulty with standing straight and balancing. I have had more than 31 orthopedic surgeries to deal with my issues. 22 of those surgeries were on my right leg and foot. It started with a knee replacement. I fell and shattered the femur with every complication imaginable following, all of these surgeries has caused my leg to scar very fast and very heavily. I have had a severe contracture of my right knee and foot. My gait was not steady, fluent or balanced. Until recently, I was unable to touch my right heal to the ground by about 3 inches. Over the past 7 years, I have worked diligently with physical therapy, graston technique, yoga, home exercises and pool therapy and worked with shoe lifts to balance the feet when I stand. I started myofascial release in April with Sarah and Jereme and it has done things I didn't think possible. I have had a large amount of scar tissue released so that the knee and foot are moving better and have more flexibility. I have much more movement in the ankle area which is has changed my gait to a more of a heel toe movement. With myofascial release, my right heel has come down on its own and I don't need the shoe lift to balance anymore when I stand.  

In working with Sarah and Jereme, I am becoming more and more amazed at how much looser my leg & foot is with movement and walking. I am moving and using the leg and foot in ways I thought impossible anymore. It has taken several months and was at times frustrating as the progress came slowly. What had to be done was start on the surface and work way down to loosen up layers and layers of scar tissues and tightness from those 22 surgeries. My scar tissues are so much more pliable now and I can actually move my knee cap and toes for the first time in over 7 years. I still have a way to go but I have better range of motion in my foot, more feeling and sensitivity in the foot and can actually wiggle my toes. My knee contracture has lessened and the leg is straighter. All this adds up to a better gait and I am walking straighter and putting more weight on this leg. All positive things. As a result, I feel more hopeful about graduating to a cane and walking longer distances with a more even gait. I feel my confidence is boosted and I am excited and much more positive of what the future holds as far as becoming more active and mobile.

Sarah and Jereme are so good at explaining what they are doing and why. They are very positive and upbeat. They are very knowledgeable about how the body works and how important balance is between the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and the fascia. What they describe makes so much sense as far as how important the fascia is.  They are very dedicated and spend time with explanations and demonstrations on what I can do at home to help myself.  Very professional but very compassionate. I am truly grateful they are both in my life and for what they have done to help my body."

Karen B., age 62 - Wales, WI


"I was referred to Balance Within by a friend who receives treatment from Jereme Trunk for a shoulder injury!  I choose to seek treatment from Sarah as her schedule fit mine but also knowing that Jereme could provide the same treatment if I had a work schedule conflict or needed immediate treatment!

I had been seeking treatment prior and felt I had not progressed and began with Sarah in May 2016 for myofascial release.  I began to have immediate relief from my shoulder injury upon receiving treatment. The myofascial release helped me to achieve full range of motion and diminished pain.  When I began the strength portion of my rehab, Sarah was able to create a program for me and also met me at the gym I work out at to put my physical therapy program into practice. I want to make sure that I am doing the exercises correctly! This enables me to use some of the equipment I had been using prior to my injury! At the beginning of each treatment we cover my progress and Sarah changes up the physical therapy exercises so that I am always continuing to improve and challenge my health and fitness ability while still addressing my injury. Balance Within also provides audio and visual aids that I can access on my own to better understand the exercises I need to do and if I have any questions I can easily reach them and get a response quickly! 

I like the approach that Balance Within provides in treating the whole body and not just the injured area! Because of this approach I have been able to address other physical areas such as posture issues from my desk job, residual problems from past auto accidents and seeking out and experiencing other avenues of exercise (I am a gym rat) which I might not consider! I still receive treatment as needed from Balance Within!  It is nice to know that I am in good hands! I would definitely recommend Balance Within for your physical therapy needs!"

Carol, age 59 - Hartland, WI


"Over the last year, I have suffered with symptoms including digestive issues, nervous system flairs, muscle tension and weakness, joint pain (esp. neck) and tinnitus (ringing in my ears). Sarah and Jereme have really helped with many of them using Myofascial Release and have empowered me with a program for self care unique to my needs with simple at-home tools and easy exercises for continued success. I believe my improvements have been due to their extensive training in Physical Therapy, ongoing continuing education in the field of Myofascial Release, and strong intuitive sense of each person's individual body needs. They are both very tuned in to what particular therapy is called for and when it would be most helpful. They taught me to use a little plastic ball on my belly to relieve pelvic tension, thereby relieving many chronic digestive issues. They helped make me aware how much tension I was carrying in my gut, and if I observe it, I can change it myself! They have also brought lasting relief to my chronic neck and shoulder pain that repeated deep tissue massages would not release, vastly improving my mobility and comfort. They are both aware of my diagnosed conditions and how to improve function and my quality of life. Sarah has an in-depth knowledge of my treatment needs as an Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome patient. 

Their knowledge and services integrate beautifully with my medical and chiropractic doctors. They are a critical part of my healing team. Working with both of them is seamless. It is easy to flow back and forth between them, as my schedule permits. In addition to their technical skills, Sarah and Jereme are both kind and caring. I feel very safe in their care. They meet me right where I am in my situation and acknowledge my personal limits and challenges with the utmost respect and pace treatment according to my abilities. I am truly blessed to have met them. I would not hesitate to recommend, I do so all the time!"

-Laura, age 54


"In January I began having great pain in my shoulder when I moved my arm certain ways. There had been no injury, just a build up and combination of causes but it kept me from doing simple everyday things like reaching behind my back or above my head or out in front of me. I began working with Sarah and Jereme, and after evaluating me, it was determined to be a pinched nerve in addition to the shoulder issues. In our sessions together, Jereme and Sarah used a light pressing touch with the Myofascial Release techniques to help relax the muscles and tissues that were in a tight state. This wasn't a massage or other form of relaxation. This was focused deliberate prescribed attention to heal a specific problem. There were measured differences and changes with each applied therapy session, which helped me move forward each time. I learned a lot and how to apply it to my whole body for home based focused self-care. It really was an opening into a whole new big path for how to care for my body.

They taught me exact exercises to strengthen the muscle groups around my torso that affect the shoulder, which allowed everything to go back into proper alignment. At home I did simple movements with light weights to strengthen and stretching exercises. I also learned how to do my own myofascial release work to keep working on spots myself. After a few months I was feeling so much better. I know the right things to do to keep it that way. Now I'm back doing my yoga down dogs and having full range for my arms again!

At first I was concerned about the cost, being out of network with my insurance. I have a high deductible plan so knew whoever I saw would go toward my deductible. Balance Within's charges were a fraction of the cost of common physical therapy billing charges, which I see on a regular basis because I work in medical billing. Balance Within was $100 per hour and I've seen charges average about $400-$600 per visit from other large companies. And although those other services may be of good quality too, I felt that the care and knowledge Sarah and Jereme Trunk bring to their service is exceptional. I felt very cared for and encouraged. Balance Within gives a very personalized approach. 

I have and will continue to recommend their work to friends and family.  It helped me a great deal. I especially liked that I was given homework and exercises and stretching to do on my own. It was so good to have good direction and the ability to work on things myself. That was so important to keeping my healing going forward at a good pace. The exercises and stretches were exactly what was needed to feel progress shortly after beginning. It was empowering - what I did on my own at home was important to my progress.

Unexpectedly, the focus I gave to my body directly impacted how I moved through some difficulty emotions with a life transition I had been experiencing. My care with Sarah and Jereme of Balance Within was really the beginning of a new path for me. A path of learning and effective self-caring for my own body. They introduced me to many tools and ways to work my own muscles and fascia tissue. Now that the major shoulder problem is taken care of it feels good to keep going and expanding caring for my physical health. Being over 50 years old brings new challenges to staying healthy physically and I'm so glad for what I've learned from my time with Sarah and Jereme with their gentle effective approach.  It was extremely valuable." 

Doreen, age 54