NOW HIRING – Administrative Assistant

Position: Front Desk/Admin/Reception for Physical Therapy Clinic

Who We Are Looking For:

Are you comfortable talking to strangers in person and on the phone? Are you self-motivated and ambitious? Is being organized a top priority in your life? Are you able to multi-task and prioritize projects while simultaneously meeting deadlines and keeping your day on schedule? Can you communicate effectively with people from all different backgrounds – with both verbal and written communication? Are you able to speak up when you see something that’s not working? Can you anticipate the needs of other people because you show up for work knowing that the smallest details always make the difference?

Do you have a positive outlook on life? Are you flexible, open to change and committed to continuous learning and improvement? If so, you could be just the person we are looking for to join our team!

About Us – Balance Within Integrative Physical Therapy

Our mission is to help as many people as possible enjoy an active lifestyle and avoid medications or surgeries. We are the Premiere Integrative Physical Therapy of the Midwest offering a cutting-edge combination of Traditional and Holistic therapies to give our patients the best results possible, even when other approaches have failed. We are a small but quickly growing clinic of 3 years that has firmly established itself as a leader in providing the highest level of care for our patients with everything from chronic/complex to simple/acute problems.

Much of our growth has happened because of the incredible team and culture that has been created at Balance Within, prioritizing not only giving the very best care to our patients but also taking great care of our employees. We’ve created a space where staff love to come to work to learn and grow, and a place our patients look forward to coming back to time and time again.

We encourage you to examine our clinic website to best understand who we are and the patients we serve:

Our team currently includes 4 highly skilled therapists and we are looking to add value to our service by bringing in a person to occupy an important and vital administrative/front desk role. As a result, we are now offering you an opportunity to help us continue to grow and provide an exceptional customer experience for our patients that goes way beyond what is offered by most health care facilities.

The right person is likely to have been working with customers and/or sales in the past and has a long track record of dealing with customers, answering questions on the phone and in person, and turning inquiries into happy customers.

The Role:

Your job is to help us grow the revenue of the clinic by booking new patients via the phone/online and excelling at helping to retain those patients as lifelong customers to the business. You’ll do that by creating the type of customer experience patients are happy to pay for and can’t wait to tell others about!

You will be initially responsible for managing the clinic phone line which includes answering the phone, converting inquiries into paying patients and ensuring our patients are looked after and made to feel welcomed. Other responsibilities will include responding to email and social media inquiries as well as various administrative tasks such as support with bookkeeping, scheduling and other special projects.

In the future, this role will evolve into managing the front desk and waiting room experience for patients as well.

The Tasks:

·         Communicate the value of our services and be able to explain how what we do is worth the price we are asking

·         Successfully handle price objections

·         Hold a lengthy (often at least 15-20 min) conversation with new patients on the phone ensuring patients are committed and have bought into our exceptional level of service

·         Ensure people who call requesting appointments are placed on schedule and understand the true time and cost commitment involved to meet their goals in therapy

·         Ensure people show up excited for their appointment after scheduling and know what to expect their first day

·         Follow up with patients over the phone to ensure satisfaction is being achieved

·         Provide patients with itemized therapy receipts upon request within a timely manner

·         Assist with bookkeeping support

·         Respond to email and social media inquiries, comments

·         Foster deep relationships with patients

·         Develop and regularly update the procedures library so every aspect of your role is documented and can be achieved by anyone else in the business

·         Assist with special projects to support clinic growth

Skills/Competencies Needed:

·         Be able to hold meaningful conversations with prospective patients on the phone for often 15-20 min or longer (empathy)

·         Be able to answer all questions asked on the phone in such a way that increases the likelihood that the person asking will want to become a customer (insightful and knowledgeable)

·         Recall names, faces and stories/personal details of patients and in doing so making our patients feel welcomed, important and remembered

·         Provide a warm and welcoming greeting to patients when they arrive in the clinic or call (patient experience)

·         Plans and organizes, schedules and budgets in an efficient, productive manner, focuses on key priorities (organization and planning)

·         Follow through on commitments; lives up to verbal and written agreements (dependability)

·         Demonstrates an ability to quickly and proficiently understand and absorb new information

·         Pursues and values growth, learning and continuous improvement

·         Attention to detail: does not let important details slip through the cracks

·         Persistence: demonstrates tenacity and willingness to go the distance and be creative to get something done

·         Proactivity: acts without being told what to do. Brings new ideas to the company

What We Will Do For You:

·         Provide you with ongoing training and support in the field of customer service and front desk administration

·         Give you an amazing environment to work in that includes working with a team of wonderful and very supportive staff – as well as very friendly customers

·         Opportunity to develop and grow in a team that is value driven and strongly service oriented

·         Competitive salary with opportunity to earn even more as we grow as a result of your impact

·         Opportunity to make a big difference in our patients’ lives every day


$15-$18/hour depending on level of skill and experience with opportunity for salaried position in the future and/or raise as our company grows due to your impact.


15-20 hours/week to begin with opportunity to grow into full-time.   


Initially, this position will include mostly working from your home (phone interaction with patients, computer/email/Admin work) as well as intermittently from our Delafield location and our home office in Wales (collaboration with therapists, meetings, training). This position will evolve into also working in the clinic reception area to create an exceptional patient waiting room experience.

To Apply:

Submit your resume and a short cover letter to

*In your cover letter, please explain why you think you would be suitable for this position and what you are looking for in the role (how we can make/keep you happy in this role to help you be successful).

We look forward to hearing from you!


Doctors Jereme & Sarah Trunk, PT, DPT

Owners, Balance Within – Integrative Physical Therapy