“Release” Self-Treatment Class

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Release your stress, tension, and pain!  

Leave feeling relaxed and recharged with improved posture, breathing & pain-free movement. Perform and learn self-treatment techniques to empower yourself with skills for releasing stubborn pain & stiffness. We’ll utilize various therapeutic tools & specialized stretching techniques to gently release myofascial restrictions throughout the body.

Taught by our very own Darcy McCormick, PTA, CPT; a highly specialized John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Therapist.

MONDAYS 5-6pm - Delafield

  • Location: Pathways of Light Wellness Center, Delafield

  • $20/class (cash or check made out to “Balance Within”)

  • SCHEDULE ONLINE or RSVP directly to Darcy (email: Darcy@BalanceWithinPT.com or text: 262.751.6503) 

  • Please BYO yoga mat - see you there! :)

What is John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release? 

Of the many forms of Myofascial Release (MFR), we have found the John F. Barnes Method to be the most effective. This form of Myofascial Release is a gentle approach to releasing tight tissue by taking the tissue to its barrier via compression or elongation and holding for a sustained time period (usually 2-5 minutes, although it can be longer). Often patients who have experienced trauma, whiplash and/or surgeries respond great to this approach, even when other therapies have failed. For more details, we highly recommend the video link below!

Check out this great 5-minute video about Myofascial Release and how it works!

What is Fascia? 

Fascia is a connective tissue that literally surrounds every cell of the body. It is woven throughout the body like a 3-D webbing, supporting and connecting all of the structures in our body. 

Why is this Important?

Traumas to the tissue, whether it be from small traumas (such as poor posture or using a dominant side with repetitive movements) or large traumas (such as auto accidents or old sports injuries), cause the tissue to solidify & tighten down. When left untreated, these tight areas can place tension on the system and surrounding areas causing not only pain, but also compensated movement patterns and positioning which drives further dysfunction and pain in the body. 

Try out this amazingly powerful, life-changing approach today!