Did You Know?

K-tape can help relieve PAIN and/or help you improve your posture?

Kinesiology tape (K-tape, Kinesio tape, or KT) is an elastic therapeutic tape that is used with the intent of treating pain and disability from athletic injuries or a variety of other physical disorders.  K-Tape has been used by manual therapists for 30+ years, however its more recent popularity is largely thanks to the exposure it garnered in the 2012 Olympic Games, as well as in sports like CrossFit and many others.

As a manual therapist in physical therapy, I like to use KT to help patients with EDEMA, PAIN, or to encourage BETTER MOVEMENT or POSTURAL HABITS.  



Allows patient to move optimally as quickly as possible following injury--mitigating the lasting movement effects that are created by pain.


Decompression of skin and its underlying tissues is one of the primary effects of KTape.  One of the results of this decompression effect is an improvement in fluid handling by the lymphatic system, which travels through the skin, fascia and other connective tissue layers.  A secondary effect of taping is that the tape has a neurological effect that supports normal movement, thereby creating the pumping effect coming from that movement and enhancing the body’s ability to rid the injured site of inflammation.


Kinesthetic guidance (teaching someone through touching and movement) can translate to changes in behavior 30x faster than auditory instruction.  KTape can be used to help correct posture because it gives kinesthetic guidance to the body and can also be used to give feedback using tension (consciously noticed or not) to promote better positioning and movement.


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