In Case You Missed It...Part 2

Drs. Jereme & Sarah Trunk were recently featured on a #1 Rated Podcast, CoupleCo, featuring Couples who are smart enough (and crazy enough) to go into business together! Last week we featured part 1 of the podcast, where Jereme and Sarah talked about challenging conventional thinking in their line of work. If you missed it, click here. Otherwise, read on for Part 2! 

Entrepreneurial Balancing Act: Jereme & Sarah Trunk of Balance Within Integrative Physical Therapy, Part 2

"In this episode, we rejoin Doctors Jereme and Sarah Trunk of Balance Within Integrative Physical Therapy to discuss how perfectionism can be the enemy of progress. There's pleasure and the pain of building your own business model instead of following someone else's template. It's OK to take a weekend off - especially when you want to be a couple instead of coworkers. And, regardless of how much prep you do, the necessity of having trust and faith if your going to make a business fly."

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