Did You Know?

The Inside of Your Mouth Can Bring Relief!

Have you ever had a headache that you just feel like no matter what you do you can’t get to go away and even once it finally goes away it’s back within a few days? Yeah, those are about as enjoyable as listening to a Nickleback CD on repeat (yup, not a fan of the Nickleback!). Problem is, you may be hitting the wrong areas. You tried the neck and shoulders you say? Those can help immensely but you still may be missing the biggest piece… in your mouth! Yeah, in there! It’s actually quite simple…

The muscles that attach to your jaw also attach to your head. When those muscles get tight they can compress your whole head producing that headache that has you laying in bed and not out playing with your kids or even just being able to rest and read a book because you feel miserable. Check out the releases in this video. The 3 muscles I show you often produce relief in one session when I release them on patients in the clinic. Oh, and they can also provide relief for jaw pain too!

The three muscles I look at here are the medial pterygoids, lateral pterygoids and masseter. These are 3 of the biggest key jaw muscle releases to help with headaches as well as jaw pain (TMD/TMJ)! Always consult a trained healthcare professional such as a Physical Therapist before performing intricate self care techniques as shown in the video.

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