DIY Relief from headaches, neck & shoulder pain

There is one key region in the lower neck/upper back that tends to be one of the most common places of tension in the neck (and into the head).  The muscle’s name is the levator scapulae, however you may know it as ‘that knot that’s always tight in my neck!’ This often happens not only because of poor posture but because this muscle will over-compensate for any weaknesses in the shoulder blade muscles.  This over-tightening of this muscle often produces neck, head and/or shoulder pain. This can be a very tricky spot to stretch/release but an exercise to get in there with a tool that costs around $10, I can nearly guarantee, will work better for you than any other stretch you have ever tried!  Sometimes this one release may be what’s missing for you to relieve your headache or chronic neck pain. Enjoy having less head, neck and shoulder pain from one amazing release! :)

This is an incredibly simple, but very effective technique I developed to get into one of the trickiest spots to help relieve, neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches. Enjoy the relief! :)

If you are interested in the tool, go HERE.

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